Brave New World

by Aldous Huxley
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In this bewitching vision of a distant future, Huxley depicts a world of genetic engineering, runaway consumerism, promiscuous drug use and carefree casual sex. The book, widely regarded as a timeless masterpiece, says as much about today as tomorrow. And as for tomorrow, this new world is put into a new perspective for the book’s protagonist when he has an encounter with a nearly forgotten past.


by George Orwell
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1984 is probably one of the most important and well known books about the future ever written. In it Orwell envisions a runaway progression of what he saw as the out-of-control security state of his day. With each year that passes, this work seems more and more of a premonition.

The Singularity is Near

by Ray Kurzweil
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Ray Kurzweil has a long track record of accurately predicting the future, particularly relating to technological advancements and how they will affect our lives. His foresights have spanned from biotechnology to predicting, before the internet had proliferated, that we would soon need search engines. In his most famous work, The Singularity is Near, he explores the looming threshold at which artificial intelligence will surpass that of humans.